Hanging PEKSTRA steel balconies are suitable for all types of apartment houses, whether we want to replace old balconies with new ones or build balconies on a new building and on an older building that never had any balconies. We are able to realize your expectations as to the size, shape, or paneling – the static engineer’s assessment and the house’s technical parameters are the only limitations.

1. Stand-off balcony structure

2. Full-length cantilever structure

If you have a house with reinforced-concrete loggias, we can offer you two ways of expending the size of the loggias. 1) the overall floor size of the loggia can be extended or 2) the balcony structure can be extended as a whole by means of a stand-off construction. The size, shape, and paneling are a matter of your preferences.

A balcony extending the existing platform of reinforced concrete is a convenient variant, both in terms of manufacture and assembly, as they makes it possible to retain the old balcony’s original platform. The new balcony is made separately according to customer’s preferences and subsequently mounted at the site.


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