Steel loggias

Recently, steel loggias that can be used on all types of panel houses have become fashionable in Europe.

We offer you the deepest loggias available in the Czech Republic. Dimensions are no problem for us, the only limitations are your preferences and the static engineer’s load capacity restrictions.
The loggias we deliver usually measure 2 to 2.5 m in depth, but the width is entirely up to your discretion.

The dimensions of OUR LOGGIAS might be your substitute for a SMALL GARDEN.

Compared to loggias of reinforced concrete, our steel loggias are airier, let in more light, and exert far less weight on the building and land.

The benefits of self-supporting loggias
  • self-supporting structure
  • optional glass paneling
  • space comfort
  • feasible even on houses that never had any
  • greater value of apartments
  • maintenance-free
  • mechanically durable
  • variable dimension and shape-wise
  • long service life

The steel structure is set in front of the building under reconstruction, so that these loggias may be installed even on buildings that never had any balconies.
 Installation may be realized on panel houses up to the height of 8 stories, depending on the static engineer’s assessment. 
The surface finish of the loggias is made of zinc-galvanized.

At the present, these loggias represent a good, economical solution for older houses as well as newly-built houses. 
They expand the size of the apartment’s outdoor space that you can use for relaxing as well as socializing with friends.

We help make the right choice of design.

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